Leadpanel lets you convert online contacts into regular donors

Your website, your blog and your online actions or donation pages get thousands of visitors every week.

Leadpanel lets you ask them for their phone number in an elegant way and at the right time. Then you can convert them into regular donors via telemarketing.

And the best part: you only pay for each phone number we collect.

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How Leadpanel works

We identify the right visitors to your website and the right time to engage with them

By analysing your website traffic and the way your organisation interacts with visitors, we identify the best places to engage with potential donors and suggest different types of ask depending on what content people are viewing and how they are engaging with it.

For example: you target visitors on your donation pages who are about to abandon the form without completing the transaction. These people are clearly very interested in supporting your work. We have also seen fantastic conversion rates by inviting people to receive a phone call after they have signed a petition (or taken a similar online action).

Leadpanel invites your online contacts to receive a phone call

You can personalise the content, we will customise the look and feel to match your website and Leadpanel can then split test every element of the interaction with your website visitors.

You call them and ask for a donation

Once Leadpanel has collected phone numbers, you can start calling. Depending on the invitation the person has seen, you can tailor the telemarketing script accordingly to make it most relevant to them.

For example: if someone had abandoned your donation form, this could be referenced in the call centre script.

You can either handle the calls in-house or contract a telemarketing agency of your choice.

We optimise the funnel

Once you get the first results in from the telemarketing, we can start tweaking leadpanel to recruit the warmest possible potential donors. Through split testing and monitoring of the ROI that you're getting, we will continuously optimise the service so you get the best possible results from your investment.